Sharing your work when you have a thin skin

On the root of avoidant personality disorder is the fear of rejection or judgment. As for rejections I have the thinnest skin, even well minded criticisms will get to me. In a group discussion I am the one who is never talking. Not just because I am scared to voice my opinion but also those kind of situations are very easily overwhelming. It is too much information churned out too soon. I need time to comprehend, to cut information into chunks for it to make sense and then react. So if somebody puts me in the spot and asks me, “So Jo what is your take on the issue?”, the most effective response I can think of is “I think I have to go pee”.

This is my second innings in the blogosphere. Four years ago in an attempt to come out of the blues I started a baking blog, it started gaining eyeballs very slowly, there were some random likes and comments. But one fine morning I decided to hit the publicize button and shared it to my social media. Now, people were very polite and encouraging. Not a single bad comment came my way. But suddenly I felt naked and vulnerable. I felt the spot light on me and it was scary. Words stopped showing up. The blog was abandoned and it died an inevitable slow death.

sharing toomuch
Credits: INFJoe Cartoons


There is a cozy little independent book store in town. My friend L owns it and she invites people to share their creative writing pieces once a month. I am always there with a story or a poem scribbled on the pages of my journal. Every time I tell myself I am going to read it out loud but when L asks me ‘Are you going to read Jo?’, I will clutch tightly to the journal and blurt out a ‘No, not this time’. L’s earnest look of encouragement lingers for a moment before she has to proceed to the next person.

Remember sakoku? Isolation might spare you the attacks from outside but it can so viciously  eat you from within.

This Saturday evening with shivering hands and a voice that broke too often I read a piece titled which way? Halfway through the reading I wanted a boa constrictor to come and swallow me whole.

It doesn’t matter how it was received, it matters that I showed up, shared and finished and is still breathing.

Creativity can thrive in isolation and you don’t have to share your work . If you don’t want the world to see it then by all means clutch on to it as tight as you can. It can be your little secret, your refuge, your outlet. But what if you want to put it out there? May be you are right, it is very bad art and people are going to hate it, but if it has helped you make sense of this messy life, should it matter if the world thinks its bad?

And, I have a feeling its not as bad as you think it is 😉

So I urge all you thin skinned people out there to ease your clutch on that one piece of art that you are too scared to let go off. If that spotlight is too scary, close your eyes for a bit, reach out, do you feel another trembling set of hands? That is me. Let us hit the spotlights together.

Much love





8 thoughts on “Sharing your work when you have a thin skin

  1. Love this post. Can very much relate. I’ve had a string of blogs that went well, but when I shared with friends and family, suddenly my writing stopped. Each time I think, this time I’ll keep writing no matter who reads, but each time I end up starting a new blog. Argh! Slowly, I hope I can step into that spotlight one day. Cheering us on and we slowly learn to do it.

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    1. This is one of the reasons why I push myself to share. Because it is comforting to know that there are people out there who share similar fears and insecurities. I am glad you kept at it and you have a very lovely blog.
      Now let me go stalk the hell out your page 🙂


      1. Love that, keep sharing. It’s part of the reason I keep writing in public too. It’s so nice to know I’m not alone and good to let others know they’re not alone too.
        Thanks so much, look forward to reading more from you!

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  2. I love this post, and I am the exact same way! I get anxiety so bad about sharing my stories and my background that sometimes I get some serious anxiety attacks over it.

    I’m pushing myself to share this, because I LOVE to write, and I want to help others. I want to make someone smile, and let someone know they aren’t alone, and they are okay!

    🙂 Hopefilly one day I can do this with ease, but for now I’ll shake while pressing the publish button. You’re very brave and courageous for what you do! You’re a sweet, kind, understanding, and compassionate person. Don’t let fear stop those traits from shining through, okay? 🙂

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    1. You do what you do very well Amanda. This just brought a smile to my face and I am having a bad day. Thanks for cheering me on and please keep writing. I will try not to let fear dance on my head 🙂

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