Is there such a thing as a blogger’s block?


Writer’s block, that I know, been there, have set up a tent and have spent whole summers there. But this is not that. I can write easily in my journal but I simply cannot write on this blog! Saturdays nights around 3am is when I make stupid life decisions, like painting my black hair purple or counting the number of followers on this blog. It is 150, in case you were wondering and that number has been haunting me since. Probably on this blogosphere, it is a minuscule non-number, but you must know I eat lunch alone in the storage unit of our office to avoid talking to a group of people and hence 150 seems like a big-ass number

I tried going to the core of the problem  because that is what I do now and came up with the following

  • When I started blogging under a made-up name I was trying to outsmart the ‘fear of rejection’. If no one knows me, it wouldn’t matter if my writing was good or bad, right? It was going very well in the beginning primarily because literally, no one was reading hence there was no way of receiving virtual rotten eggs back. Then people started liking and following and my writing changed quite a lot. I picked up some good habits, like proofreading and using Grammarly to correct errors but it also got me worried. Instead of writing what I wanted to write, I started writing what might get more likes and traffic and views. It was writing things only when I was sure of it being received well. It is like showing only photoshopped and touched up pictures of my life on social media.
  • Also, some of the readers started having names and faces and now I have people to disappoint in this virtual world. Would so and so like my post? made me hit delete on a lot of the drafts. Whenever a post did not receive any attention, I tried staring the notification button into blinking…BLINK DAMMIT BLINK.
  • This blog started as a place to chronicle my PhD journey one day at a time and now I write about anything but that. A lot of things interest me, sketching, books, fiction, feminism, and most importantly mental health. And sometimes it feels like the blog is getting too chaotic just like my head.
  • Whenever I come across a well-written post on some other blog, I want to come back and cover my blog with a tarpaulin so no one can see it.
  • Every time I publish a post I feel as if that was the very last post idea I would ever have, a fear of running out of ideas.
  • The feeling that I am faking all this. Imposter syndrome
  • And I sound like somebody else in writing

So the intense need to please  people and a fear of running out of ideas are giving me a severe blogger’s block.

Do you know the phrase, Dance like nobody is watching? A few years ago I used to dance with a group, we did shows in many German cities. The choreographer said to me after a show, “your moves are okay but you have to express more on your face and smile”. The mantra dance like nobody is watching worked well when dancing in front of a mirror but when people were watching me for real, it was hard imagining they weren’t there. So he gave me a piece of advice that seemed counterintuitive then, What if you imagine that people are watching you even when you rehearse alone and try to smile as well? So while rehearsing I started imagining an audience. It was terrifying at first, but doing it over and over made that situation less foreign when I went on stage.

So maybe that is all I need, sharing fake sounding pieces until I have the guts to sound like myself even when somebody else is reading.

Have you ever had a blogger’s block?

How do you deal with it?




18 thoughts on “Is there such a thing as a blogger’s block?

  1. Yup. I did have it a lot when I was just starting. Then, I wrote intense personal truths and after like an hour, I could just delete it, cause I wasn’t sure of the response it would bring, but in the time I’ve spent here, I’ve learnt that there are a lot of loving people, who are supportive and do not shy away from a post that is sensitive.

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    1. It is great to hear from you, hope with time I can learn to hit the publish button on my sensitive posts. You are absolutely right, the community spirit here is amazing 🙂

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      1. It is, though it doesn’t actually make it easy cause there is always the “they will think this and that of me” factor. If I really want to talk about some aspect of my life that is bothering me, I just tone it down, but not everyone is same, regardless, there are people that would make you feel better, and let you know that you are not alone.

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    1. Ooops! I am totally not the right person to take advice from 😀 But I appreciate you saying that. There has been some good pointers in the comments as well. May be you can check it out as well?

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  2. Blog like everybody’s reading – and nobody can please all of the people all of the time. Your tribe will follow you if you write what’s in your heart.
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
    – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”

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  3. You’re definitely speaking my language here. I’ve only recently started to find my balance between writing for me and writing for an audience – I won’t pretend I have good advice to give, I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing. Best of luck to you, I hope you manage to clear your blockage… so to speak.

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    1. Thanks a lot for saying that 🙂 I am going to hold on to this, hopefully it will get easier with time. I really appreciate your comment and good luck to you as well


  4. I feel like this is one of those posts that is in your voice. I get a sense of who you are through your frustration and the voicing of your thoughts through your blog. I’ve felt these insecurities as well. I just keep writing, no matter what.

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    1. You made me really really happy with that comment 🙂 I had the urge to delete this post as soon as I hit the publish button but glad that I didn’t… got many pointers. It is relieving to hear that someone else has experienced these as well…thanks a lot for your comment 🙂

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