Sketch: Depression can hide under a shiny outfit


Depression is our dirty little secret, a person can have the worst feeling day of their life and look absolutely fine on the outside. We all have learned to hide parts of us that are not beautiful.

The inner voice that says,  you are just not trying hard enough almost never goes away, that is why more often than not tough love does damage than good. You are reinstating a person’s belief that they aren’t trying hard enough.

To all the tough love advocates, when you ask someone to be bold and get their shit together, you are assuming you know their depression when in all honesty you don’t! Depression does not come with scars, bruises or a cast.

You might know of cases where tough love worked, I am glad it did, but what if this time it doesn’t work? What then?

One can never be too kind.

Have a good Saturday y’all

Bear hugs,



3 thoughts on “Sketch: Depression can hide under a shiny outfit

    1. Couldn’t agree more. You are right I think, and tough love might be the thing that helps you finally but I am just always thinking in the cases it doesn’t work, it can crush a person’s spirit…thanks a lot for your words brain 🙂

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