Thoughts I have after hitting the publish button

One sec before posting

It feels nice to finish writing another post. I kicked writer’s block in the butt. Good job

Hit publish


That dreaded internet black silence


Why is nobody reading it?

Maybe everyone is sleeping

Maybe it wasn’t the right time to post

What was the name of that app that gives you the best time to publish articles?


Let me read the post again

Oh my god! This is shit! Why did I ever think this was a good idea?


Which is right, everyone ‘has’ or everyone ‘have’? I don’t even know English, what am I doing Β on wordpress?

I think the app was timepress or blogpress or postpress?

Maybe I should delete the post?

Or not

stay strong

Don’t be afraid to show even the ugly parts of you


Maybe I can change the title?

Did I share too much?


No, I don’t care what the world think

Number of likes do not define me


Who am I kidding? I want some likes


I am not going to check the notifications for some time

0.99 milliseconds secs later


still nobody

I hate the internet

I am never going to post ever again

1st like

You random person who just liked my post, I love you, I want to find you and hug you, you are the best






20 thoughts on “Thoughts I have after hitting the publish button

  1. Jo, I happened upon your blog and started to browse through the content.. My 1st thought was OH No I can’t get into this… too many inferences to depression… I need up not down influences feeding my brain.. But I could not turn away… you have a gift… Thanks for taking the risk to be honest…Don

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    1. I still don’t know if my posts are making people more depressed than they already are! I still have to find a balance… but it really means a lot that you would take the time to share your thoughts. I hope you will come back πŸ™‚


  2. Hahahaha The best feed back and likes I had for a post was one I sent out into the ether over a year ago. It was picked up about two weeks ago and re-blogged, retweeted. I’d forgotten all about it until I started getting lovely comments. So don’t worry if you put out a post and no-ne gets it straight away – it could be a ‘slow burner’ and get picked up in a few months time. Just say what you want, press send and forget about it :0)

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