Beginner’s tips to be more sustainable

A major portion of a remote sensing researcher’s job involves looking at the images of earth taken from outer space, and then somehow it is impossible not to care about our one and only home (yet, because Elon Musk is on it). A few months ago a couple of us started a local meetup called swap this for that, we were all book hoaders and  wanted a place to simply hoard more of it. But that also got us thinking and talking more about the subject of sustainability in general. Here are a few simple things that we have been trying to practice for sometime now. This might only be useful for people who are beginners in this area.


Recycle, Reuse and Repair– As much as you can. There are enough videos online that teaches us how to convert an old rug into a magnificient throw. Repairing may not be everyone’s cup of tea. It definitely wasn’t mine. But, there are repair cafes in most cities that lets you walk in with your broken stuff and get it repaired. They are also always more than happy to hold ‘Repairing for dummies’ sort of workshops. If you are in an adventrous mood open up your broken CD player and a wikihow page and go wild.

Meatless days-  Or reducing the meat intake in general.

Reducing use of plastic bags/ Carrying a shopping bag always-  This would help reduce the piling up of plastic bags in unknown corners of our homes

Buying second hand stuff– It might be icky for some people to use second hand clothes but you can still buy used books, furniture, jewellery etc

Reusable travel mug-  reusable travel mug, a good waterbottle and a lunch box (steel or glass if you feel hipstery)

Plan ahead on what you eat– Looking into your refrigarator and planning your meals ahead. Trying to use things that spoil first, although this is common sense most of us have difficulty following it on a daily basis.

Being careful of your water usage– This can be while washing dishes, taking a shower, or doing laundry.

Reusing plastic bags as much as possible without discarding it after a single  use




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