The art of letting people in

In a previous life, I had a secret baking blog on WordPress. It was called Thoughts and Cakes.  I was young and full of hope of making a life selling cakes and used books. There were silly posts like ‘how to make Mascerpone cheese in an Indian kitchen’ and recipes for Armenian Nazook (I no longer remember what that is) and Nutmeg cake. The blog was doing okay, then after about three years of lurking around I shared it on my social media. People could not’ve been kinder, they said incredibly kind things and shared it with their friends and family and the blog grew overnight. There was only one problem, I simply couldn’t write anymore.

This is what happened. I couldn’t believe the nice things people told me, I was convinced that I was getting away with something and if that blog had continued to live people were going to  figure out that I was a fraud and a fake. So I left it at that point where the people still liked me. Maybe that is a feeling all of us have at some point in our lives to varying degrees.

That was about five years ago, a lot of things have changed in this time, now I have the luxury of walking into a grocery store and buying a tub of Mascerpone but I no longer bake, my beloved camera died and I am much more cynical but it turns out the imposter syndrome still remains the same.

The last few posts have been the ones most close to my heart but it seems like the more honest I get with my writing the lesser and lesser engagement the posts get. Some of you have openly expressed your dislike about the last posts and I am incredibly grateful for that, that is exactly how it should be.  I don’t want you to have my back no matter what. But there is also that part of me that wants to be liked and keep all of you around.

The solution in this case of course was starting another blog and another secret internet life which I have been doing since Feb but that is also going to have the same fate, its just a matter of time. So here I am trying to keep this going. Trying to get a thicker skin and trying to believe there would be a few people around even when I let the guard down. Let’s see how far it goes.



PS: Some people who are reading this blog are absolutely not allowed to hate me, you know who you are!


3 thoughts on “The art of letting people in

  1. Very interesting, personal post, and I empathise. I love the positive comments I get, but I feel very vulnerable putting my creations up for all to see, and I feel as if the feedback is for someone else ‘that’s my make, and I am not a great crafter, must be that they like the stamp’ type thoughts


  2. It’s a scary prospect – I’d love to grow my blog into something more people can enjoy, but the process of doing that will inevitably encourage a certain amount of negative feedback, because that is the world we live in. Only the brave can cross that line and make the honest promise to ourselves not to take things personally. I take my hat off to you for being able to take criticism as a positive, regardless of what it is. I have everything crossed for you that it’s all positive news from here onward. Best of Luck!
    (though I’m sure luck is not what you need, just a positive outlook, and some great writing skills – which I know you have)


  3. This blogging stuff is like walking a tight rope (not that I would really know, because I’m a little bit afraid of falling from heights)… making it personal, so people have something to relate to without oversharing. I’m always uncertain what to post, what to keep to myself. I suppose, like with everything in life, we can’t please everyone, so just focus on the positive (easier said than done, I know, I know).


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